Article headline ~~*AVATRADE*~~ International platform formed by people scammed by Avatrade

Avatrade is an international scam, theft and fraud organization.

I have proof that they do not comply with current legislation.

They do not do suitability tests, for this reason alone CAIXA BANK has been ordered to pay two million euros.

AvaTrade's agents manage positions until they leave them in ruin. they also take money to illegal trading platforms.

They close the account with a margin of 8% or less to leave it in ruin when European regulations state that a private client cannot lose more than 50% of his capital.

The mission of the AvaPartner is:

1º) That the client puts as much money as possible into his account, as the AvaPartner takes 10% of the initial deposit. 2º) To take the client's account to what AVATRADE has called a dead account, that is to say, to leave the account of AvaTrade's clients in ruins.


ISRAELI HACKER OPENS INVESTMENT FIRM IN EUROPE TO SCAM. CRIMINAL ORGANISATION MADE BY ISRAELI HACKERS !!!!. Current Chairman of AvaTrade. AvaTrade Anounces Sports Legend Usain Bolt as Official Brand Ambassador. Negev Shekel Nosatzki. Educated to Scam!.Read More.

AVATRADE: scams, theft and fraud

Since AVATRADE does not want to identify its member who has stolen from me, I hold the entire board of AVATRADE responsible for all of this, and I promise them that I will not stop until they pay me back what was stolen by their partners. I believe that the day is getting closer and closer when much more evidence will come to light and then it will be the end of AVATRADE. Read More

Avapartner working on dead account

AVATRADE has stolen a lot in Spain and South America, leaving many families devastated, and many have even attempted suicide. Here, I will reveal only 1% of the large number of incriminating proofs that I have already accumulated on AVATRADE. Read More


Oh Avatrade. Avatrade, kingdom of Perdition,where you lose your money, as well as your reason, because you're left touched, a victim of depression, when you realise that it was a scam.Read More.