Avatrade scams, theft and fraud

The most unfortunate thing is that one of those affected tells me that he has complained with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). He has received a reply from the CNMV telling him to go to the Irish bank, that the CNMW are not the competent body. However, the CNMV has offered to act as an intermediary.
A person who was associated with Viviana’s partner number has lost 400,000 euros. The scam, in this case, was that Viviana’s client was contacted by a man who said that he worked for AVATRADE and that he would trade for him and that he was going to make him money. At first, he did make him money, but then he made him lose it all. Viviana even has proofs of the server change that AVATRADE made every day at 9 pm. Viviana received an email saying that at 9 pm, the accounts were switched from the real server to the demo server.
Viviana has proof of who opened and closed the trades, the MetaTrader history where she can see if the trade was closed by AVATRADE if the trade was closed with a concept that appears as FDALERT, which refers to AvaTrade’s trading desk. Viviana has had her positions closed on the asset SP, which had been rising for six months.
Viviana has clear evidence, screenshots, account histories where you can see perfectly all the manipulation done by AVATRADE.
AvaTrade’s massive closing of clients’ positions has already happened in 2017, as I explained in my article “AVATRADE CLOSES POSITIONS“.


.If the client deposits 10000 euros, the partner receives an initial compensation of 1000 euros, and when the account reaches zero, they receive another 1000 euros. Viviana says that this is a common practice of almost all brokers who work with partners, and regulated brokers are not supposed to do this.
The AvaParners have to liquidate the account (leaving the client in ruin) because if the client wins and wants to withdraw the money, it turns out that neither AVATRADE nor the partner or account advisor wins. After all, he gets paid when he has managed to make the client’s account lose everything, which AVATRADE calls it and has left the account dead.

I repeat the previous example to clarify how AVATRADE steals; when a person put 10000 euros, 8%, 800 euros were kept between the bank and VISA or MasterCard. Then AVATRADE only received 9200 euros, so why did the client’s account show 10000 euros? Who gave those 800 euros to the client? And of those 9200 euros, 10% (920 euros) as soon as they were deposited went to the AvaPartner, and when this AVATRADE partner got the account to zero (dead account), the Avapartner got another 900 euros. In short, out of these 10,000 euros, AVATRADE earned approximately 7,000 euros with a deposit of 10,000 euros, the partner earned approximately 1,800 euros and the bank and the credit cards kept 800 euros.
THAT IS HOW THE THEFT, SCAM AND FRAUD MECHANISM OF AVATRADE WORKS. The clients did not realise it, but they have always been working on a demo platform, and the clients’ money has never gone to the market; it is as if they were playing in slot machines that never gave the prize and if they gave it, it was to take it away immediately.

SEPA transfers have a 3% commission. AvaParner’s way of operating was that the client deposits money, and 80% or 75% is kept directly by AVATRADE., and 20% or 25% is kept by the AVATRADE agent who has managed to get the client to deposit.
AVATRADE’S THEFT METHOD IS CALLED DEAD ACCOUNT WORKING, meaning that the account has no money in it because they have ruined the client. Viviana has emails where she has been offered to keep 10% of the deposit. And the moment she got the account dead (the client lost everything, leaving it at 0 euros), they gave her another 10%. Still, VIVIANA IS A PROFESSIONAL TRADER AND DID NOT WANT TO ENTER INTO THAT SYSTEM BECAUSE SHE SAW VERY CLEARLY THAT IT WAS STEALING FROM PEOPLE.
Leandro Posva is the manager of several accounts, and one of the important men of AVATRADE asked Viviana to return part of the money of the operations that had been closed from SP. Viviana had first to deposit 6000 or 7000 euros in a bitcoin wallet, and then he would return her 30000 euros of operations.

Viviana is very, very angry because she thought that the accounts registered with her code were not being used for this scam, and it turns out that she discovered that this scam was taking place. In addition, AVATRADE has not paid Viviana the spreads she should have been paid. We have all kinds of evidence. In the video, at the end of this article, you can examine it.


If paying by transfer goes to Barclays Bank in England or when paid by card to a bank in Denmark called Danske Bank and from there in principle, it seems, they transfer it to the Virgin Islands and from the Virgin Islands to Israel. The scam is run from Israel. The base of AVATRADE is in Israel. And in the card charges, it always appears AVA CAPITAL MARKET. It is an Israeli company based in Israel. However, the CMNV only appears authorised AVA TRADE EU LIMITED; therefore, they commit another significant illegality and robbery to the Spanish Treasury.

Platforms like Trade99, AnalystQ and Duplitrader seem to be run by AVATRADE scammers. Marisa is in AnalystQ; I have her recording to tell me that she was a partner of AVATRADE.
My AVATRADE broker Melody took my last 40000 euros to Trade99 and kept the money without market simulations or anything. Fx also seems to be in the same group of scammers. This web of scams, fraud and theft is big and fat.
AVATRADE is not working in the USA, AVATRADE is not working in Germany, AVATRADE is not working in Austria. AVATRADE does not work in countries where the legislation and laws are clear and compelling and the legislators apply the legislation quickly; for example, in Germany, this type of litigation is resolved in 6 months, and in Spain, it can take years. In the United States, they do not act because in 3 or 4 months, the problems are solved, and they are not allowed to do what they have done with us. The CNMV checks today that AVATRADE is not complying with the ESMA regulations. ESMA regulations are compulsory in all the countries of the European Economic Community. And when CNMV face with a complaint from an affected person, what they do is to refer them to another bank instead of removing AVATRADE from their publicity as a regulated entity, even if only preventively. They have not done anything about it, having already filed several lawsuits against AVATRADE.

We have evidence that no regulations have been complied with and the banks are also involved. In addition, all the Avaparnets work for AVATRADE on a dead account (to bankrupt the account so that they don’t have to pay and split the money). AVATRADE is the one who manages all those who have robbed us and AVATRADE gets 80% of the theft.

The banks are also involved because every time you paid by card, the banks kept 12% to 5% that the bank and VISA and MasterCard kept. I have a report from the bank of Spain that qualifies Bankia as using bad bank practices. The bank of Spain concludes with two critical points 1º) that the legislation that Bankia applies to me does not correspond to the time when the facts occurred and that they do not justify 6000 euros even though the bank of Spain has asked Bankia for it several times. The whole financial system is involved. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REPORT OF THE BANK OF SPAIN POINTING OUT THE ACTIONS OF BANKIA AS FINANCIAL MALPRACTICE.

The real owners of AVATRADE are Russian Jews residing in Israel, Leandro Posva, Joseph Ghitelman, Gabriel Adekola, Gabriel Adekol